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The   Product Reverse Power over Ethernet (Reverse PoE for short) is an industry-leading remote multi dwelling unit (MDU) launched by GXCOM, which, on a passive optical network(PON), facilitates power supply for Fiber To The Building (FTTB)installation in corridors, providing broadband network access forfamilies and small to medium enterprises by using category-5 cablesrouted in the building.

The Product Reverse PoE is a box-type device, providing 1 EPON ports and eight LAN user ports, and is powered by the power sourcing equipment (PSE) deployed in users' residences. The G108P Reverse PoE is applied in scenarios where there is no alternating current (AC) power supply in corridors, featuring easy installation and maintenance, broad temperature range, low power consumption,mute design, high stability, environment-friendlily, and energy conservation.


• Application in FTTB construction scenarios where there is no power supply in corridors: Powered by the PSE in users' residences,the G108P Reverse PoE facilitates power supply for FTTB installation without the need to install an ammeter, reducing cost and dependence on power supply equipment compatibility and achieving minimum project input and fast deployment.
• Easy installation: built-in jumpers and only one network cable required.
• Energy efficiency: supplying power in load sharing mode and powering off when not providing services.
• Plug-and-play (PnP) service provisioning: The G108P Reverse POE allows remote issuing of configuration. A management channel and service channel are created after the G108P Reverse PoE is powered on and registers successfully. Manual onsite confiuration is not required.
• Efficient management and maintenance: free of field software commissioning, remote acceptance, remote upgrade and patch installation, and remote fault location.
• Carrier-class reliability design: The system reliability is taken into consideration in hardware, software, and system design to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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