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ZXA10 F832-24GE+24POTS-AC Full-GE Fixe Box Type LAN MDU

Brand ZTE
Product detail

ZXA10 F832-24GE+24POTS-AC Full-GE Fixe Box Type LAN MDU

Product Description

The ZXA10 F832 is a full-GE LAN MDU of the fixed box type. The MDU is available in six configurations: 24 GE, 16 GE, 8 GE, 24 GE+24 POTS, 16 GE+16 POTS, and 8 GE+8 POTS. The MDU can be deployed in FTTB+LAN scenarios to provide gigabit broadband and voice services for homes, enterprises and campuses. The MDU cools naturally and can be installed in the corridor, on the desktop, in the communications cabinet, etc.


Advanced System Architecture

Advanced design; proper chip layout.

Provides a wide variety of GE UNIs and provides access services to subscribers.

The plug-in subcard that supports 10G EPON/XG-PON1 and EPON/GPON uplink will be released in 2015.

Original dual power supply design and heat dissipation design.

Scalable system architecture.

Helps reduce network nodes and layers.

Environmental Friendliness

Lead-free materials.

Low-power Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) supports Burst and Batch control policy.

Highly-efficient power solution decreases power consumption and saves energy.

It adopts management chips and auxiliaries with advanced technique and low power consumption to save energy.

It minimizes power consumption while ensure reliable performance.

High Reliability

The ZXA10 F832 is strict in device parts selection, advanced in processing technique and outstanding in thermal design. It is able to work at the temperature ranging from -30 to 60.

Advanced system architecture greatly saves internal interfaces thus promote product performance and reliability.

Anti-corrosion cards and assemblies enable the ZXA10 F832 to work in harsh environments with extremely low fault rate.

Its lightning protection design is reliable with a 6 KV power interface, POTS interface and 4 KV Ethernet interfaces.

It has an overheat alarm mechanism to protect equipment from overheat damages.

Convenient Installation and Deployment

Requires less space and is convenient to deploy.


Supports batch installation.

Built-in integrated battery management avoids additional message box and decreases installation occupation.

High Maintainability and Touch-Free O&M

Supports unified remote operation and maintenance.

Multiple remote adjustment and test methods: Supports Ethernet port loop check and POTS subscriber line test and circuit line test.

OLS check: Supports fiber break detection, optical link test and diagnosis, auxiliary fiber fault positioning and troubleshooting

Real-time and remote environment surveillance including temperature, power, door alarm.

Key devices periodical self-test: Supports intelligent reset mechanism, provides critical fault pre-alarm and self-recovery mechanism.

Supports software version rollback.

Environmental Adaptability

Supports EPON (developing), GPON (developing), 10G EPON and XG-PON1 uplink.

Supports data, voice and video triple-service integration and provides multi-service integration solution for residential and commercial subscribers.

Supports indoor (cabinet installation or wall mounting) and outdoor cabinet installation in various application scenarios.

Supports TYPE C protection and provides complete protection solutions for carriers (developing).

Provides AC power supply, applicable for all power supply environment.

Supports the operating temperature from -30 to 60.

Reduced OPEX and CAPEX

PON technology adaptation, which saves fibers and decreases CAPEX effectively.

Green environment protection technology adoption, which saves energy and consumption and decreases OPEX effectively.

High integration decreases cost per line.

Convenient installation design requires no special technicians thus decreasing carriers’ labor cost.


SNI Interface:

SNI can be one of the following:

Option1: One optical EPON interface(developing)

Option2: Two optical EPON interfaces(developing)

Option3: One optical GPON interface(developing)

Option4: Two optical GPON interfaces(developing)

Option5: One optical 10GEPON interface

Option6: Two optical 10GEPON interface(developing)

Option7: One optical XGPON interface

Option8: Two optical XGPON interface(developing)

UNI Optional configuration:

8 x 10/100/1000Base-T + 8 x POTS;

OR 16 x 10/100/1000Base-T + 16 x POTS;

OR 24 x 10/100/1000Base-T + 24 x POTS;

OR 8/16/24 x 10/100/1000Base-T

Physical Performance:

Power consumption: 67W (24GE+24POTS); 42W (8GE+8POTS)

Dimensions: 482.6mm(W) x 43.6mm(H) x 240mm(D)

Working temperature: -25oC ~ 55oC

Working humidity: 5% ~ 95%

Weight: about 4.5kg

Power supply: 110V/220 V AC

Mounting mode: Rack/Cabinet/Desktop/Wall mounted

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