FiberHome Boosts Pakistani Operator into a New Era of Optical Fiber Communication

Issuing time:2018-07-13 15:35

In recent years, as China’s continued investment in Pakistan has driven the development of the local economy, people’s demand for broadband is rising. The original copper network has been unable to meet the basic needs of Pakistani, and the 4G network of mobile operators has been continuously improved and deployed. More and more Pakistani began to use mobile MIFI devices for wireless Internet access. Under these circumstances, the first fixed network operator A in Pakistan began to start FTTH network construction. In May 2017, FiberHome held a highend workshop for customer. In that workshop FiberHome introduced its mainstream ODN solutions and the implementation of ODN projects in neighboring countries.

The EVPs fully understood FiberHome's powerful ODN production and delivery capabilities. At the same time, FiberHome transmission equipment and access equipment have been operating stably for many years on its network, gaining a good reputation. The senior executives of operator A decided to let FiberHome start a pilot ODN project in X Town.

Core Competitiveness 1: On-Site Custom Design to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

At the beginning of the project, the top management of the customer requested to complete the 15,000line project design of the X Town project within 2 weeks. However, the customer has not implemented any ODN project before and does not know how to plan the ODN network. When the designer tries to confirm the design principles and boundary of the project area, the customer's grass-roots personnel cannot provide accurate information. Not only that, the customer has been constantly making new requests, which makes designer overwhelmed and network design work progress stagnant.

Aiming to change from passive to active, we decided to invite the customer to the site and carry out ODN deployment planning and design principles confirmation based on site scenarios. It was the time of the Muslim Ramadan then, with the purpose of completing the project design as soon as possible, the FiberHome staff also followed the customs as the customer did during Ramadan, and took a short period of one week to survey the entire X Town and the surrounding area carefully while staying hungry. We made clear the necessary information on the type of buildings, telecom room, duct on the site and so on. In this way, the customer gradually gain a clear understanding of ODN planning and design, and on the other hand, recognized the professional strength and dedication of FiberHome.

Through a series of intense work such as actual survey and on-site coordination, the draft of the design proposal was completed on time and entered the customer's review process within 2 weeks.

In order to express the importance attached to this nation's first FTTH turnkey project, the senior management of the customer dispatched VPs from various departments to participate in the meeting and reviewed the design proposal made by our company. However, after the review, the customer not only revised the boundary of the project area which was not clear from the beginning, but also fundamentally changed the design principles. Even some of the amendment requirements were inconsistent.

So as to meet the needs of customer and push the project into the construction stage as soon as possible, the project team actively assists customers in inter-departmental communication at high, middle, and lower levels, unifying design ideas, eliminating concerns, clarifying confusions at any time, and correcting mistakes and errors. Finally, FiberHome presented an acceptable and satisfactory design to the customers.

From the beginning of the design plan to acceptance by the customer, there have been 11 major changes and 100 minor changes. This means that the customer's request is a 15,000-line solution but the real case is that our design workload is 165,000 lines!

Core Competitiveness 2: Customized Products to Meet Pakistan's Needs

The professional design is half way to the success of the project. In addition, there should be matching product solutions. Otherwise, the design is only a castle in the air.

The customer was very satisfied with most of the products recommended in the X Town ODN project, except the outdoor fiber distribution box product because it did not match Pakistan's national conditions. The reason is that they do not generally use the Figure-8 drop cable that is widely used in China and use a round shape outdoor drop cable with a diameter of 7mm instead. Therefore, the outdoor fiber distribution box we recommended at the beginning was unusable.

FiberHome is the only manufacturer in the industry that has its own FTTH access equipment (OLT/ONU), fiber optic cable and ODN products. Flexible product customization is what we do!

Through several rounds of discussion with the customer's technical experts, we confirmed how to modify the outdoor fiber distribution box and sent the customized sample to the customer in just two weeks. The customer was fully satisfied after reviewing it.

Core Competitiveness 3: Professional Project Management, Realizing Win-Win with Subcontractors

With professionally designed and customized products, how to ensure the smooth delivery of pilot projects is a key factor for ODN's success in gaining a foothold in Pakistan.

Since undertaking the first fiber-to-the home pilot project in China in 2004, FiberHome is providing FTTH turnkey contracting service to operators and corporate customers in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Egypt, Brazil, Ecuador, Tanzania and other countries. We have built a number of project teams with extensive engineering delivery experience and emerged a number of outstanding project managers.

Due to the complexity of the Pilot Project in Pakistan, the variable construction environment and the tight delivery schedule, to live up to the trust of customer, FiberHome's ODN Businss Unit quickly convened delivery and design experts and dispatched them to Pakistan first to set up a project team at the initial stage of the project. The project team quickly and thoroughly communicated with local team, provided subcontractors with related training on product installation and construction techniques, continuously improved the expertise of subcontractors, and made preparations for the customer to build excellent projects.

Looking into the future, relying on the strong design team, complete product chain and professional delivery capability of FiberHome, the Pakistan A FTTH pilot project will become the leading model project in the Middle East region and will contribute to China’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy, boosting Pakistan's No. 1 fixed network operator A into a new era of optical fiber communication!

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